A Course in Mindful Living
General Terms of Use

People who register for A Course in Mindful Living (ACIML) shall:

• Be 18 or older, or a teenager whose parent or guardian has registered for them and communicated their permission to ACIML staff for their teenager to take this program.

• Understand that this is an educational course and that Elisha Goldstein, his staff, and the faculty do not have a professional relationship with them.

• Agree to take responsibility for their own experience in the course.

• Understand that any information conveyed in the context of the program may be read by members of the ACIML staff, and that information communicated to fellow ACIML participants might be shared by them with others. Overall, they shall understand that there is no promise of confidentiality given.

• Recognize that all editorial content and graphics in A Course in Mindful Living are copyrighted by Elisha Goldstein, who reserves all rights.

• Not share their username and password with others, and recognize that their account may be suspended if more than one person uses their username to log in to the ACIML program.

• Understand that they may be de-registered from the ACIML program without any form of refund if they violate these General Terms of Use.