Learning how to relax the mind and body is essential to a successful mindful living practice.

In the first month of A Course in Mindful Living (ACIML), participants learn how to balance being deeply relaxed yet aware.

Here’s a selection of 10 songs to help you de-stress and slow down – the playlist is titled Relax and Retune.

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A Course in Mindful Living is a 6-month online mentorship program that’s packed with teachings, experiential practices, live mentorship, and some of the most robust community support you’ll find in an online course with evidence-based methods to retune the nervous system to calm anxiety, build confidence, and create a life you love.

In just the first month, you’re introduced to:


And that’s just the beginning…

What others say about A Course in Mindful Living:

I love the entire course…It has changed my life, in ways that I never would have thought of.  This course gave me the tools that I needed to breathe, soften, become aware and practice gratitude after a bad divorce. Now, I am practicing mindfulness living as a lifestyle not as a course. I am so very happy and grateful. All things are well.
–Melissa H.


During this course, I noticed an awareness of my growth. I am not experiencing the same level of stress and anxiety as when I started.
–Michelle B.