ACIML has exceeded my expectations. The content has been enriching; concepts and mindfulness practices are being introduced in a way that promotes understanding and incremental growth over the six months. The content ranges from “fun,” to “profound,” to “intelligent.” Are you interested in music? Self-reflection? Science and research? ACIML caters to your interests and makes you curious about everything else, too! I love the variety of resources and activities that are presented every two weeks.

Most important are the changes that I see in myself, and that other students are reporting as well. Over time, my mind is becoming quieter. Neither my thoughts, nor my feelings are leading to impulse or overwhelm. I am more accepting of others. And I am gradually becoming more accepting of myself. In a nutshell, it has quickly started to pay off.

–Jonathan E.


I am continually struck with a sense of gratitude for the knowledge, peace, connection, positivity and support offered. It is truly a unique and amazing experience.

–Stephany R.


It is a remarkably constructed course. It is a very thoughtfully designed package with a really nice flow. I feel as if I am watching a movie at the cinema without knowing what will come next – so engaging and stimulative!

–Latha H.


I love the entire course. It has changed my life, in ways that I never would have thought of. This course gave me the tools that I needed to breathe, soften, become aware and practice gratitude after a bad divorce. Now, I am practicing mindfulness living as a lifestyle not as a course. I am so very happy and grateful. All things are well.

–Melissa B.


I enrolled in ACIML to continue cultivating my own practice of mindfulness and what I received was so much more. I was blown away by the ease and layout of the program as well as the wonderful course content. Even though it was a virtual experience, I felt completely supported and inspired each and every step of the way, through video lectures, activities, message boards, mentoring groups, as well as links to many great resources and materials. This program supports the whole individual and considers one’s unique lifestyle and different modes of receiving information. There is something in this community for everyone to connect with and be inspired by. Today, I am able to flow more easily with the ups-and-downs of life, I have established a meditation practice of my own that fits me and my lifestyle, I am able to connect with myself and others more honestly, and make more conscious, heart-centered decisions. To be guided, supported and taught mindfulness, is life-changing and one of the most precious gifts. In a world where overstimulation makes it difficult to connect to ourselves, others and even the moment, ACIML teaches us to slow down, breathe and awaken.

–Michelle S.


The whole set-up is amazing, with great variety in things to do and engage in, and everything available for taking it, when it suits you, at your own pace. It’s great to see that so many people take part, each on their own path, sharing their wisdom. I find it also nice that there is no pressure at all, just a kind invitation to come along. Love Elisha’s consistency, calmness, hope, and enthusiasm.

–Hester K.


The ability to engage on my own time, around a busy schedule, is really great. Being able to read over the community’s comments makes me feel like I am part of something special. The best thing has been the gentle nudge to maintain a consistent meditation practice. Feeling like we’re all in this together gets me through any resistance to practice.

–Timothy D.


I am a very introverted and shy person, most comfortable in a quiet corner by myself with my dog and books. The wonderful thing about this course is that it is a safe place for engaging with others to whatever level an individual is comfortable, and we have the ability to scale up or scale down engagement with the community over time, ranging from maybe only doing the practices and engaging the course content, to maybe reading the posts of others in the discussion threads or maybe posting something yourself, to participating more fully in the Trinity of Support with the mentorship group meetings and accountability pods, or maybe taking a leap of faith, stretching the limits of what you think you can do, and trying a turn at being a pod leader!

–Jessica D.


Elisha’s guidance and the sense of community really lifts me up!

–Alison S.


The course has been one of the best things I could have done for myself, and continue to do for myself. It has truly become a daily practice that nourishes and guides me through my day. Life is not easy at times and the tools I have been given in this course have really been beneficial in making my life more manageable. I have been able to accept things as they are with a bit more grace and ease. This course has given me a lot more peace of mind, I’ve even been sleeping better now. The proof is in the experience, it’s manifesting that way in my body and mind. So much has been given, I feel like there is a huge treasure trove of learning still to explore in the course. The connection to our mindful living community has really been helpful and supportive. And I truly love the mentor webinars!!! Natalie has been absolutely amazing as a mentor, guiding us with her wise and gentle compassion, answering all of our questions so clearly and kindly. It’s so helpful to see and be with each other in this way. Although our pod is very small, I have made some lovely connections there that I hope will continue. I really feel incredibly grateful to have taken this course and that Elisha made it so affordable to do so. Also that these connections will continue in some way so we can be supported and encouraged in our practice. That is very reassuring.

– Ebra Z.


This course has been informative, interesting and challenging with new learnings every day and excellent layered support. We have a very close supportive pod with a great variety of skills and experience.
It is a joy to participate in such a well organised, beautifully constructed, interesting and thought-provoking course with such varied contributions from many different inspiring speakers.

– Joan V.